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Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

HI There, Im Gosia...... About Me

I have always been very active throughout school life and while working in hospitality and retail in my life. I started using personal trainers to push me harder and researching information, through this I realized that courses were very basic and advice was very broad and the same for each client, this was in 2010. Since this I have (read more)


Gosia is straight up the best! She keeps you motivated and is so supportive throughout the workout. But it doesn’t stop there! Even when you are not on a session, Gosia keeps you going so you achieve your goals.

My confidence has improved no end since I started seeing Gosia, both inside and outside the gym. I’m seeing real gains thanks to the training and diet plan Gosia made for me and this is what I believe has given me this confidence.


Gosia is the most inspiring PT I have ever meet she always listens to what you are wanting to achieve and she makes a plan to suit that.

Wheather you are a beginner or a pro Gosia will definitely put you through your paces and always get the results you are after.


I have to say gosia is one of the very best instructors I have seen she always is very keen to help and find out your progress! Highly recommend gosia fitness you won’t be disappointed

Helping You Achieve Success

I will help you, push you and watch you achieve…..

Sports Massage

Personal Training One2One Sessions

Injury & Rehabilitation

Nutrition Planning & Guidance

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

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Goal Setting

I like to work with my clients, set achievable short term goals along with keeping the long term aim in sight. Its better to keep achieving little goals to win the big goals

Individual or Group Classes

Working within Full Fitness Gym I encourage my clients to attend my group classes along with one2one sessions

Health Benefits

You will begin to feel change, feel better and fitter and want to achieve more

Building a better you

Don’t you want to have more energy to play with your children, walk without getting out of breathe, jump up stairs while on the phone