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Why live your life suffering. Many clients can feel results within a few sessions. Are you in pain, are you suffering or have problems moving into a specific direction? Then I will look to help you. I can use treat you and give you exercises and stretches to keep the pain away.

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However you would like to connect with you, Facebook, Instagram or email then you can message me. I have an online booking system on facebook as well so you can find the time you like and put a request through 24/7. 

Thats get you moving again… 




Gosia Fitness, Full Fitness Gym, Norwich Road, Watton, IP25 6UP

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Many of the questions you may have may seem strange to you but are often very simple, please don’t be shy. I would prefer to see you, achieve the results you desire and move you forward than you to sit at home suffering. Drive your car with a sore back or at with suffering a week back.

II like to keep my clinic simple, I want you to feel better as soon as possible. Move you from the clinic and if you desire Personal Training to avoid the problem again. Many clinics just look to help with the problem, well I think we should help cure the problem and repair the muscles, strengthen your body and adapt it so it doesnt keep happening.

Im not a sport person, can you still help?

Yes, Just because one of my qualifications is for sports massage, this is for muscles, knots and tightness. However, it can be caused through repetition in life, business or even bad posture. 

Many clients have bad backs, tight legs, sore shoulders and much of this can be fixed and often massively improved. 


Do I Need To Pre-Book?

I do really work from bookings, as clients can then turn up at the right time. I do also try to work into the evenings, unlike many clinics I want you to come to me when you have time and not having to come between 9 -5. I do have my normal hours however often have clients at other times as well so just message me and lets see what we can arrange.

Where are you located?

My clinic is within Full Fitness Gym.

Full Fitness Gym

Norwich Road


IP25 6UP

My clinic is inside, you will have a secluded room, very close and personal so you dont be afraid. I have towels to cover you as needed and offer a professional service to keep you covered

What do i need to wear?

Please wear something loose and allowing access to the parts we need to work on. I will keep you covered in our own personal room but its often easier to move around in loose fitted clothing and allows me to trace the problem areas and muscles. 

Can i save money if i bulk buy sessions?

I do have clients bulk booking. HOWEVER if its your first sessions for your rehabilitation then I would never bulk sell them to you. You might bulk buy and not need them all so thats work together first…..

BUT Personal Training sessions are always better in bulk, space them out and lets push you into your goals and achievements. 

Im very unfit, does this matter

No of course not, everyone has to start somewhere. A lot of my clients say I don’t want to see you until I get fitter…. WHY is this? Im here to give you the information you need to use your time to the best. Exercise and be safe, also I will make sure you start off correctly and don’t form bad habits and cause more problems long term. 

Here is Hannah, she has been my client for a year or so in these pictures. Hannah comes to see me for my personal training sessions and nutrition. I just love to see images like this and really see results. 

These images really do prove that when you have goals and willing to change your mindset then we can truly achieve the body you desire