So many people offering training, making money. Some workout a lot and have limited knowledge other to what they did. Everyone is different and what works for one might not work for you, I want to tailor plans, workout and nutrition to you, your lifestyle job and diets you want. You don’t need to force yourself when you work with me, its fun and once you see results you won’t stop. 
This is ME....... I'm just a girl who does what she loves

Malgorzata - Known As Gosia

Malgorzata - Known As Gosia

Your Future Best Friend

Hi There, Im Gosia


I was very active at school, enjoying all kinds of sport throughout this time. I have never been one of those people to sit and watch the world go by. I never thought I would end up helping an ever expanding number of clients – I do hope that you will become one. My journey started before 2010 and since then has been forever growing. I have met some great friends and clients – they are both really. 

I am originally from Poland, later moving to Norfolk in England. I didn’t speak much English when I first moved here but I really wanted to achieve and push myself. I have always been very ambitions and kept pushing the manager at my local gym every day I went to train – eventually he gave in, teaching me so much. The other personal trainers really pushed me to achieve, not only in the gym and qualifications but out of the gym with all those extra seminars and research. 

This is chapter of my life that I’m most enjoying. Not only have I carried out extensive research into fitness, diets and fitness psychology. I have passed my formal qualifications for nutrition, personal training, soft tissue and rehabilitation. I spend as much time at the gym as I can with my clients and with online clients, knowing I have equipment and space around me so that I can demonstrate workouts and machines instantly. 

I have learnt so much and will never stop. People who think they have all the answers make me upset as no one will ever have a perfect solution. Success is about understanding yourself and doing what you need – not a generic workout or diet plan. Times to eat, shift patterns and ability to cook all change your dietary needs. 

Due to these high demands I have really worked hard to produce my own unique recipes for clients. My clients are just like you – they want to be healthy, they want to lose weight be fit and gain muscle and lose fat Overall they want to be healthy – if they can do it, SO CAN YOU! I provide easy to follow, easy to cook, shopping lists and weekly planners. It’s hard work to produce but my aim is to give you what’s needed.