Nutrition Plan


So many people focus on the gym, the weights they can lift and think less food equals more weight loss, your WRONG so so wrong and I want to teach you why. Do you really want to lose weight ? Let me help you then can you afford not to…


Nutrition is often up to 80% of your problem when it comes to losing weight, gaining weight or remaining. 

I want to put you to the test, once you purchase your online plan rest assured I want to give you the personal treatment, I have a dedicated app I will send. You can then track your meals down to the macros I supply you with. You can scan barcodes, log workouts and keep me informed. We will set goals for you to achieve along your journey and even keep track with measurements but also pictures saved into this so I can see your body change through your journey. 

You’re not alone anymore, you’re not getting a copy and paste diet plan, you will have myself alongside you at all times,

Come on let’s do this!


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