Online Fitness Plan


Working with clients online for me isnt just copy and paste and hope. I want you to use my technical services. I will send you a link to download my personalized app. This will allow me to see all your details. You will be asked to put your personal data in their, upload photos as you train for progression and we can achieve targets together.

My app, my skills and my knowledge with your will power and determination to succeed is all we need to get results. The speed of these results will be down to you though. I will be here though through instant message and through regular updates.

Except the best.


Working out can be hard, frustrating and seemingly pointless. You might be in the gym for 2hrs a time 6 days a week. You could be in the gym but thats get you focussed. Get a direct plan that allows you rest when needed and a real dedication for the equipment you will be focussing on. I will do you a one off plan, it will focus on your needs, show you the weights to begin with, the machines to use and we can track you progress. You can time your workout, tick the machines you used and change the weights your using. 

I dont want to see you a simple one off plan, I want you to see the investment in yourself paying off and pushing forward with this to learn and really achieve. To tell your friends, yes I had the investments but look at the results. 


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