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Online Coaching – 4 Weeks Guidance

I offer you my online app which gives you access to the nutrition tracking by yourself, the workout plans and allows you to track and trace them. Team this up with my recipes as well if you want to try your own meal plan for a while without my guidance. However, you will I’m sure to be very happy with the help ongoing. Checking in through video or calls to me in person. I offer you full one2one guidance, I do not just give you a universal workout which is why we need to keep in contact through the app allowing me to track you and your workouts. You can see exercises online. We will achieve, are you ready?


  • 4 Week Training Guide
  • 24/7 Support Methods ( ask any question You like )
  • 1 Session a week “face time”  checking your form and giving you tips while you train (if you require)
  • Weekly checkup talking through progression, videos and images you sent to me prior to this
  • Meal Prep Guidance
  • Training Program designed to your needs and goals, preferred workouts all uploaded on my personal app ” Gosia Fitness ” – You can track the workouts and log your weights and repetitions
  • My 7 Step Guide to healthy eating
  • My Strategies to develop a growth mindset
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Online Coaching 4 Weeks Training

This product is perfect for the times your unable to come to the gym, distance training is fine, my online app will allow me to track and trace your results. We might need some pictures on occasions, we will work together, keep me updated on changes and problems with training and work. 

We will design a meal guide and track your calories through my dedicated app ” Gosia Fitness ” I can see you remotely without you even realising and if I do not see the results I expect I will contact you. 

I will push you with my 7 step guide

My strategies to develop you will give you a healthy mindset and changing your shape with a soon to be fit body 

What Do You Get?

  • 4 Weeks Training
  • 3 Sessions a Week, Plus questions throughout the week
  • Weekly Checkup and Progress Updates
  • 7 Step Guide
  • 24/7 Help Through my Online App ” Gosia Fitness “

Can you really afford not to think about your health, fitness and mindset?




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